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Mind-Body Harmony

16 September 2019

We might 'think' we are not anxious about something. We can convince ourselves that it's no big deal, or we're looking forward to something, or we feel 'fine'.

However, our bodily sensations will tell another story. They will reveal all that our mind can't fully suppress; try as it might: Wobbly legs; pounding heart; a dry mouth or scratchy throat; shaking hands; nervous laughter; shallow or rapid breathing; difficulty sleeping; rushing and nervous energy; all of these and more belie the true underlying state as we face something new and/or challenging to us.

Bringing ourselves into alignment, as the horse always help us to do, helps alleviate these 'symptoms'. It brings about an immediate sense of inner calmness as we accept our vulnerability about change and trying new things.

As when around horses, the moment we acknowledge the beneath-the-surface anxiety and speak our truth and simply state: "I am nervous", the moment our nervous system can start to relax once more, and slowly the two parts of ourselves - body and mind - can slide gently back into synch.

Over and over we practice this acceptance of the totality of being human: We are both strong, brave and confident, AND fearful, unsure and vulnerable... Remember, horses exhibit both sides of this spectrum all of the time, so why can't we...?

© Angela Dunning, 16th September 2019

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