Articles and Good Practice Guides

In addition to the many articles I've published on my Blog, on this page you will find a range of Articles and Best Practice Guides - to help you as a practitioner, trainee or for those interested in entering this area of work. And there's a range of free resources including links to external articles, talks and presentations.

Best Practice Guides:

Guide to Choosing a Practitioner in the UK - includes a list of some of the main training providers in the UK and elsewhere.

Starting out in the Field of Equine Facilitated Practice

22 Step Checklist: Honoring the True Role of the Horse in Equine Facilitated Practice

The Horse as a Valued Partner: Honouring the Horse’s Voice in Equine-Facilitated/Assisted Interactions - Some Key Points & Ideas

Why Having a Mentor is Essential in the Early Days of Becoming an Equine Facilitated Practitioner

Myth Busting in the Equine Facilitated Industry: A new series of articles on the many myths commonly found in this industry.

Freeing Authenticity - Lessons from the New Forest's semi-feral herds

Bringing Quality & Sensitivity back into the Heart of Equine Facilitated Practice

Embodying the Way of the Horse in Equine Facilitated Practice

The Horse Leads the Way: Honouring the Call of Nature through Balanced, Equal Partnerships

A Cautionary Note to Equine Facilitated Practitioners & Training Providers When Using Body-Work/Embodied Approaches


The importance of a Safe, Reflective Space for Therapy & Healing

Emotional and Psychological safety in Equine Facilitated Sessions

When your Body is Ready, it WILL let go. The Release of Trauma from the Body in EFP/L

Equine Assisted Healing: Working with Abuse and Trauma in all Clients

Equine Inspired Embodied Awareness: The Body Scan

The Power of Horses in Discovering Your Unconscious Self

Body-Soul Work through Horses

Spiritual Bypassing; Grounding Bypassing and the Optimum State in Between

Horses as Co-Dependency Healers

Personal Space & Boundaries: My Space of Yours?

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