Equine Facilitated Learning
with Angela Dunning


A Uniquely Soulful, Somatic and Spiritual Approach...

Here at The Horse's Truth you are invited to discover the truth of who you really are; to honour your body and emotions, and to cultivate your soul through reconnecting to your true self.

With horses as our guides in a safe, reflective space, you will be gently guided to explore issues and blocks that keep you stuck, and reclaim your lost power and vitality, while simultaneously offering space for the horses to rekindle their natural power too.

Angela is the author of The Horse Leads the Way. You can read more about her below; explore the services she offers, and also find a range of free resources.

Angela is based in Bishop's Castle, Shropshire, England.

Philosophy and Approach

Reclaiming our wildness can play a vital part in the healing of humans and horses. Angela's approach is firmly-rooted in the innate wisdom of nature, and in the ancient beliefs of Shamanism. Her expertise in partnering with horses to support people helps both species reclaim their true, wild nature.

Work with Angela

Explore the different ways you can work with Angela and start living with more freedom, certainty, purpose, belonging and wildness embodied throughout your entire being.

Support is offered for individuals and groups seeking personal growth, and to professionals in this field wishing to hone their skills.


Here you will find details of Angela's latest book, The Horse Leads the Way, plus many helpful Blog posts, articles and guides to support you.


About Angela

I am passionate about helping people reconnect to their authentic selves through reclaiming a deeper connection to their body and emotions. I love supporting people to reawaken and develop their gifts, qualities, passions and unique Soul's calling so they can begin to live the life they truly desire.

My guiding principles are a firm belief in the mind-body-spirit connection as the route to Wholeness; that being deeply connected to and rooted in the natural world is vital; that Soul speaks through the body and psyche in our symptoms, dreams and imagination, and that every living being is of equal value and all life is precious.

I am also passionate about social justice, freedom and equality for all; protection of the natural world and all its creatures, and global peace and nonviolence.

I love to write and on most days I can be found writing articles, blogs and Facebook posts, as well as poetry. I am currently enjoying embracing my new role as writer and author having recently published my first book, The Horse Leads the Way.