Work with Angela

I employ a beautiful blended approach of Horse Wisdom; Embodiment; Spirituality in the form of the ancient practice of Shamanism; a Psychological perspective, particularly Jungian depth psychology, and an understanding of Equine Ethology.

My work covers 2 main areas:

1) Personal & Spiritual Development:

I sepcialise in working with women who are on a committed path of in-depth personal and/or spiritual development and who are seeking support to: recover from chronic low self-esteem, confidence and self-doubt; discover and strengthen your Soul's purpose; tackle the influence of your False-Self/Inner-Critic; develop mind-body-soul connections through practicing embodied living; develop healthy inter-personal boundaries and Emotional Intelligence skills, and connecting more deeply with the natural world as an enduring sense of support and freedom.

I also work with Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Empaths. And equestrians/horse owners seeking to deepen their understanding of and relationship with their own horses.

2) Professional Development:

I offer support, mentoring, supervision and CPD training for Equine Facilitated/Assisted professionals of any discipline who are seeking to: hone their skills and knowledge to develop an in-depth and sensitive approach to partnering with horses to help people; gain support and guidance from a seasoned professional; incorporate some of my core approach to EFL as outlined in my book, 'The Horse Leads the Way', as well as some of the principle Eponaquest techniques into your EFL/P practice, all in ways which aim to develop a true, inter-species partnership which honours the horses as sentient beings.

The above support is offered in the following ways:

You can read more about me and my background and qualifications here.

How People have experienced working with Angela:

"Equine Facilitated Learning with Angela is often experienced by participants as nothing short of "life-changing".

"Angela's outstanding quality in the field of Equine Facilitated Human Development is her ability to translate the simplicity of the equine experience into the complexities of the human experience. She is adept at grasping the subtle aspects of horse behaviour and relationships and helping others apply these to their own self-perceptions, beliefs and relationship approaches."

The results of this for participants are often: enhanced self-awareness, increased self-confidence, stronger and more durable self-belief, expanded potential, flexible, boundaried relationships, joy, presence and connection.

More client testimonials can be found here.

"Angela is a consummate facilitator of human growth and a passionate advocate for the wellbeing of horses..."
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