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After 18 years of working in this profession my work now focuses almost exclusively on supporting other practitioners in the Equine Facilitated/Assisted field. Read on to find out how I can support you to be the best authentic practitioner you can.

I offer the following types of support for professionals and trainees in this field, of any training method or approach, including:

  • A Pre-Training Consultation Session
  • Supervision for EFL/EAL Practitioners of any approach
  • Mentoring for trainees and qualified practitioners
  • Personal & Professional Coaching Sessions

Pre-Training Consultation Session:

Are you interested in training in Equine Facilitated/Assisted Learning or Therapy?

If you are considering training to enter this profession, I offer a one-off consultation to help you navigate the many considerations involved in starting out in this field in a way which is in alignment with you and your particular interests and background.

This includes as a starting point: The main considerations and experiences that will be most beneficial to have BEFORE embarking on a formal training programme; the key things to look for in a training programme and finding the right training programme for you; the necessary skills and experience you need; hearing first-hand experience of how it is running an Equine Facilitated practice, plus sharing useful information, contacts & resources to help you on your way. *Please note: I do not necessarily recommend a particular course one way or the other, but rather discuss the various and many options now available to train in this work and to help you navigate your way through these routes as it can be very confusing and overwhelming. My aim is to be as impartial as possible and supportive of your specific situation

Consultations are 1 hour on Zoom and the cost is £50.

To arrange a session please contact me. You might also want to read some of my Articles and Good Practice Guides to help you navigate your journey, and in particular this Guide which although aimed at the public seeking a suitably qualified professional, also outlines the different training providers in the UK. 

EFL/P Mentoring:

These sessions are suitable for trainees and practitioners of any approach.

We will focus on whatever is your most pressing need and may include: helping you develop your practice; enhance your skills; develop your confidence in yourself and your practice; working ethically and sensitively with full consideration of your horses; general business development, and anything else you wish to focus on/receive support around. 

1.5hrs via Zoom - £65.

Contact me to explore working together in this way. 

Supervision for EFL/EAL Practitioners of any approach:

Supervision sessions are offered for practitioners of any approach, to support you in your practice to work through personal triggers and client related and general practice issues.

1.5hrs via Zoom - £65.

Contact me to explore working together in this way.

Personal & Professional Coaching Sessions - via Zoom:

Together we will work on the intuitive, mental, emotional, energetic and somatic levels to help you hone-in on your core blocks and burn through the fears stopping you move forward in your professional work. Focusing on whatever issue is most pressing for you, helping you access your inner-truth and knowing, and finding ways to take action-steps to birth your truth into being.

These sessions are for equine facilitated professionals, including current trainees, or any similar professional/individual and are designed to help you take your confidence, skills, practice and business to the next level.

These sessions are intended to be a rich sacred space for us to dive deeply, where we will work together mentally, emotionally, somatically, intuitively, energetically and spiritually as appropriate for your needs and through engaging the powerful wisdom and intention of your heart.

1.5hrs - £75.

Frequency of Supervision, Mentoring or Coaching Sessions: Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis, depending on your needs.

Short and long-term work is available.

*Discounts apply for BMAC Members on all sessions and programmes: 20% off for Gold Level Equine, and 10% for Authentic Soul Seekers.

Booking Arrangements & Cancellation Policy:

*Please initially contact me to discuss working together and to arrange a time and date. I will then give you details of how to make your payment (either via bank transfer or PayPal if you are outside the UK, please note there will be a small additional charge for PayPal payments to cover the fees).

*All online sessions need to be paid for in advance at the time of booking in order to secure your session.

* You must give at least 48hrs if you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment, otherwise no refund can be made.

My specialist areas in Equine Facilitated Practice including Professional & Personal Development are:

  1. Honouring the horse as a partner and sentient being.
  2. How to understand and work with the feedback from the horses at all times.
  3. The importance of doing our own inner-work and healing our wounds as facilitators.
  4. Using a somatic and embodied approach.
  5. The importance of human and equine personal space and boundaries.
  6. Focusing on the wisdom and power of the Heart, and the efficiency and power of the electromagnetic field of the heart to form connections.
  7. Incorporating a Trauma-aware and sensitive approach to our work to support your nervous system in its healing, and that of our clients and horses.
  8. Employing a Jungian Depth Psychology lens to help you understand your unconscious processes, and the symbolic and archetypal realms.
  9. Understanding and working with the subtle energetic and relationship dynamics between horse and client.
  10. Bringing the spiritual and soul aspects of ourselves and our life's purpose into the here and now of the physical world, with no detrimental compromises on either side so that you are working and living to your optimum capabilities.
  11. The care, well-being and welfare of the horses in Equine Facilitated Practice.
  12. Valuing the benefits of a mutually beneficial and reciprocal, nature-based approach for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing in these challenging times.
  13. Drawing on equine ethology to inform attitudes and practices relating to and caring for our horses.
  14. Effectively and safely facilitating groups, including setting and holding sacred space in groups.
  15. Including the spiritual and soul level via Shamanic wisdom and insights.

If you would like to explore any of the above further, please send a message here: contact me or telephone 01588 630061/07583 726207.
“Learn your theories as well as you can, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of the human soul”. ~ C. G. Jung
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