One-to-One Sessions

1-1 EFL sessions are available in 2 ways:

Either through you coming to me and the horses I work with (presently not available).

Or, if you have your own horse/s and live within a 30 mile distance of me (SY9) I come to you and we work with your horse/s.

I also offer an email advice service for horse owners wanting advice and support about their relationship with their own horse and any personal blocks they are experiencing.

1-1 EFL sessions are shaped according to your needs and the areas of development that you would like to focus on.

You may wish to focus on your personal and/or your spiritual development such as finding and pursuing your Soul's Purpose; reconnect to your body and accessing your true emotions; learn how to work with your sensitivity and intuition more effectively, or we may focus more on your relationship with your own horse/s to enhance understanding, connection and trust. We may also work on supporting your horse to heal, develop and thrive too if we are working with your horses.

My approach to supporting you focuses on the subtle aspects of your self-care and relationship to yourself through guiding you to focus on your body, energy and emotions, as well as your approach to your relationships. We also explore how you can begin to release limiting patterns of beliefs, thought and behaviour, and also help you to connect with the vibrancy of your Soul.

This is carried out through a series of gentle yet powerful observational, reflective or active interactions on the ground with the horses. There you will begin to gain a deeper connection to your truth via your body and emotions, and start to move forward in a more present, grounded and confident way. It is through safe interactions with the horses that you will build these abilities, as they constantly remind us what we need to focus on and develop in ourselves.

Through working 1-1 you will: 

  • Explore in-depth your deep-seated issues and core fears that hold you back from living an authentic confident life, in a safe and supported space.
  • Begin to recognise and reduce the impact of your limiting self-belief patterns and voices of your False-Self/Inner-Critic/Self-Sabotaging patterns.
  • Realign with your most authentic-self and come into greater balance.
  • Reconnect with your heart and your soul's purpose and thereby discover your true passions in life and start living them!
  • Develop and strengthen self-belief and trust in yourself.
  • Learn how to set and respect personal space and boundaries in people and horses
  • Develop effective self-care tools that work for you.
  • Experience an enduring increase in self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Develop assertiveness and confidence so you can create a more meaningful life and step into your potential more fully.
  • Receive ongoing support and encouragement to move forward with safety and confidence.
  • And anything that comes up.

Practical details:

Local Clients: 1-1 sessions are two hours long and the cost is £150 if you come to me and my horses, or £120 + travel costs if I come to you and your horse/s.

The Email Advice Service has a one-off fee of £25.

For people who live at a distance: I offer an extended session of 3 hrs which is split into 2 x 1.5 hrs sessions with a tea-break in the middle. This can be a one-off, or you can book 2 days in a row, or more, of these longer sessions. The cost for each 3 hr session is £225.

We will usually have an initial introductory session so we can see if we'd like to work together. My preference then is to work over a period of time with people on a regular basis, although one-off sessions and shorter-term commitments are also available, particularly for people who live at a distance. 

No previous horse experience or knowledge is required to benefit from EFL. All activities take place on the ground and there is no riding or substantial horsemanship involved. Mostly these sessions are very gentle and reflective, combining talking, mindful, body-based techniques and of course time with the horses.

*For those who commit to working together on a regular and ongoing basis I offer a small reduction in fees to reflect this ongoing commitment to yourself.

Please contact me for more details and to enquire about booking.

You can read more about my broader philosophy and approach here and my particular approach to EFL here.

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of being.” ~ Daniel Siegel
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