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Eponaquest is a way of life!

7 May 2012

I’m often asked what it is I do in my work with the horses and what Eponaquest (the approach I’m trained in) is. 

For me, Eponaquest is a set of tools for living authentically, spiritually and happily. And what is more, I don’t need to be in a round pen with a client and a horse to be using these tools and enjoying their benefits; what a wonderful realisation this is! 

That is, to live in a way that is true to yourself, where you’re congruent with yourself and others and you feel a deep sense of connection to all life. 

Over the past year I’ve noticed how I now use all of the Epona tools in all areas of my life: professionally, personally and socially; it has quite literally become a way of living for me. And significantly what I’ve realised is that others don’t need to know anything about these methods, nor do they need to have experienced it in any way, it’s simply enough for me to act from this position to make a difference in relating to others. 

To realise this feels like an immense achievement as well as bringing me a deep sense of peace. 

But the most significant change for me personally is a deep, solid sense of self confidence which did not exist before. And a further positive result of this is a more enduring sense of happiness. 

More specifically what exploring the Eponaquest Approach™ with horses can give you are the following benefits: 

  • A tool for consciously connecting to your body and its sensations and messages
  • Learning to accept all emotions as information for yourself and others’ state of being, leading to easier relationships all round
  • The ability over time to let go more easily of emotions, that is to feel them as they arise, take some action in response to release them and then moving on, or as we like to say at Epona: “Go back to grazing.”
  • A solid understanding of your own need for personal boundaries and for recognising when others overstep your physical, emotional and psychological boundaries. And insights into the ways you overstep others’ boundaries
  • Repeated experiences of being calm of mind and present in each moment, which over time leads to a deeper sense of inner peace to weather whatever storms come your way, including life changes, stress and conflict
  • An increased sense of self-worth which boosts self-esteem and confidence in all aspects of your life, inevitably leading to less anxiety and more courage to do the things in life you really want to do
  • The ability to witness your own thought processes and how others behave without reacting in the heat of the moment, including not getting easily drawn into co-dependent relationship patterns.

If you’re interested in what these tools are actually called that people work through, here they are: 

  • The Body Scan
  • Emotions as Information and the Emotional Message Chart
  • Personal Space and Boundary setting
  • Balancing your personal Yin and Yang energies
  • Building Authentic Communities
  • Meet the Herd – an unique way of connecting with yourself and the horses
  • Reflective and Active Sessions with the horses – to deepen you connection and to work on using all the tools whilst also achieving a co-created task with a horse. 

©Angela Dunning, 7th May 2012

For more information about Eponaquest please visit The Official Eponaquest website

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