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Tears are Power

6 March 2014

Your tears are your truth. Please stop apologising for crying.

We live in a society that sees crying as bad, shameful, weak and unwanted.

Please stop contributing to this lie. And instead, reclaim your Self and your power.

Relieve yourself of your emotional full-heart. Crying is a physiological need and action, much like sneezing, coughing or peeing. Do you stop these processes in ourselves or others? Or see them as undesirable? 

Shed the years of conditioned behaviour to not show your feelings. Ditch your tough-guy persona which does nothing but add to your internal burden and distances you from others.

And men especially, know this: It is OKAY to cry. In fact, we women like you way more if you do cry and show your vulnerabilities, otherwise we can't get to know you and therefore like you...

Don't follow the crowd, the group, the community, the family, which all believes that tears and emotions are unwelcome and who find them so uncomfortable.

Instead, learn the art of sitting in the presence of someone crying, without rushing to hug them or thrusting a box of tissues under their nose, often interrupting their experience and connection to their pain. 

Allow their process to happen, in their own time. Allow them to have that gentle and cathartic release that eases their burden, and make them feel cleansed by the release of their long-over due tears.

Never underestimate how much grief we each carry within us, that from time to time, needs a space to be released.

Stop referring to yourself as weak, a baby, soft, silly or a burden, and allow your tears to fall.

Tears are Power. They facilitate our return to softness in our own hearts. And they allow for a deeper, softer connection to others in the process.

©Angela Dunning, March 2014.

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