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Coming face-to-face with your Vulnerability.

21 March 2014

One of the main barriers to real personal growth is being able to feel into and face your vulnerable-self.

The Ego and its most destructive part: the False-Self, will avoid doing this at all costs.

And society as a whole, hates people to express vulnerability and we're all trained very well NOT to show this part of us in childhood; something we carry as a heavy burden into our adult life and relationships.

Yet, within that fragile part of us, sits our own pot of gold. And what gold it is!

Hidden deep within your vulnerable-self is all the strength, self-belief, confidence and gifts you could ever need and want. It is also where you will find your Power. That energy is so vital to putting yourself into the world in the way you want to. And also, crucially, enabling you to stand your ground, set your boundaries and assert yourself when necessary.

For women, and young women/girls in particular, these are vital skills to develop and hone.

For men and women – these abilities can be carried into all areas of your like – the work place, at home, in your social life and leisure pursuits.

How to spot when you’re avoiding your vulnerability then?


  • A return to old habits
  • A sense of stubbornness taking over
  • An inclination to avoid others, and intimate relationships in particular
  • A dip in your sense of well-being and feeling that you’ve done your best in a given situation. E.g. you may have given your power away to your boss, partner or friend and it just doesn’t feel good.

Interestingly, horses love us 100% more when we own and go deeply INTO our vulnerable-self. They always want to come and be close with us during these moments, and paradoxically, so do most other people. Thereby, enriching all of our relationships as well as our own sense of peace.

© Angela Dunning, 21st March 2014.

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