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Universal Themes of Suffering.

5 August 2015

One of the most vital aspects of releasing yourself from further suffering is the recognition that what was once done to you, you now do to yourself. When this awareness comes, only then can you start to change your patterns and release yourself from further pain.

There are common themes and behaviours that we all seem to carry out in an attempt to avoid our pain, and yet which actually add to our pain.

These seemingly universal themes of struggle and suffering are:-

Coping mechanisms - including addictions, living stressful lives, feeling depressed or chronically anxious.

A turning-in on the Self - Varying forms of self-attack and self-sabotage such as having a very critical inner-voice that wants to stop you acting authentically, making decisions that undermine your progress, or acting implusively.

The abused becomes the abuser - Usually of the self but sometimes also towards others in our lives; people and animals.

The neglected neglects the self - Poor diet, lifestyle, lack of soul-food, lack of good restful sleep, not taking quiet time or nurturing your mind, body and soul.

The traumatised re-traumatise themselves - Entering bad relationships, jobs or living arrangements through poor choices or seemingly ill-fated experiences such as accidents. Adding further layers of stress to an already stressed nervous system, that will eventually need healing in order to get beneath to the deeply buried trauma.

There are many ways to start to recognise these patterns in yourself, and start to change how you live. Often very simple practices can help to make a shift in your sense of well-being.

If you're interested in exploring some of these habits further with me, please do get in touch.

With blessings on your journey.

Angela Dunning

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