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Raising Your Vibration

24 January 2016

What does this mean? How you do it, and how important is it?

When embarking on personal growth and healing, in addition to the emotional, psychological and physical changes that can take place, a more subtle change also occurs. As a result of these multi-layered changes, our energy also begins to grow and to vibrate at ever higher and new levels.

Like an instrument being attuned to play a new song, our vibration changes as we change and each stage of progress is accompanied by a new energetic vibration.

Indiscernible at first and therefore easy to miss, our energy field begins to need and seek a whole new vibration to continue to feel good. We find that the old environments and communities, and sometimes friendships and intimate relationships no longer feel comfortable to us.

This is good news by the way! Although it can be disconcerting too as it can mean that further changes in our outer world are required. Groups, habits, addictions, hobbies or social environments that we may have previously enjoyed very much and found so much benefit from before, now no longer work for us. They don’t raise our energy levels, in fact they will do the opposite and bring us down if we persist in them, and resist the inevitable further changes that we need to make to maintain our new vibrational level.

Making the decision to stop a particular activity, or leave a community or relationship is the strongest and healthiest thing you can do to honour this change, prevent any stagnation or risk getting stuck, and further commit to your continued personal growth.

For Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) this is especially important, as we are more sensitive to energy generally, due to the fact that our nervous systems are just more sensitive than others. In fact, I would add that for HSPs it is essential self-care learning to get to know your own optimum vibrational level, what you need to avoid, and what to do to maintain it.

So how can you best support yourself during this aspect of your growth?

The further good news is that this is all part of a positive feedback loop: the more you change the more your vibration is raised, the more you contribute to raising your vibration, the more you change!

One of the best ways you can support yourself is to consciously choose activities and environments which actively seek to further raise your vibration. Not only does this make real difference, but it also increases your growth, and it feels great!

Just some of the practices which raise your vibration are:

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Qong
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Singing
  • Dancing - in a healthy environment/community or solo
  • Playing music especially drumming
  • Sound therapy - singing bowls, gong baths, tuning forks, chimes
  • Chanting
  • Prayer
  • Any form of spiritual practice or healing
  • Getting sufficient sleep
  • Rest and down time
  • Sufficient alone time
  • Body work - massage, reiki, hands-on healing,
  • Having subtle body treatments - acupuncture, kinesiology, energy healing, shamanic healing, using essential oils, herbs, flower essences - all work on the energetic vibration of our entire being
  • Being in nature
  • Walking in the woods or on the beach - anywhere grounding and uplifting
  • Taking Epsom salt baths or foot-soaks with essential oils.

It is also important however to identify and keep an eye on any practices which lower your vibration and so should be avoided, these usually include our previous habits or addictions, for example:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Taking drugs
  • Smoking
  • Eating fatty foods, sugar and fast-foods
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Living in a cluttered home/office/car
  • Being in overly sexualised environments/groups/communities
  • Watching too much TV
  • Playing video games
  • Spending too much time using technology
  • Being indoors and sedentary
  • Even talking about your previous habits or communities can lower your vibration, albeit temporarily if you’re vigilant enough, so be mindful of what you talk about and who you spend your time with, as this will affect the level of your conversations.

Gradually you will become aware that your vibration has shifted, things you used to enjoy or could tolerate become uncomfortable and you feel pulled down, or back by them. People, environments and activities that used to sustain you now drain you.

Clues to spot you’ve changed and now need to address your habits or lifestyle:

  • You become irritable around people, groups, or during activities that you used to enjoy, perhaps criticizing them and wanting them to change (they never will by the way, so your only option is to change and possibly leave)
  • You feel more tired and drained
  • You have to force yourself to go along to something you used to love
  • Your heart sinks at the thought of going, or being around certain people
  • You may cry afterwards or feel down
  • You don’t feel elated afterwards, grounded and calm
  • You feel sluggish, heavy, and weighed-down.

Change creates change, so to maintain your growth it’s important to stick to your boundaries and new lifestyle and find new, supportive friends, communities and pastimes which further lift and support your vibration.

Above all, enjoy your new vibration - take time to celebrate that you have changed and now spend your time in new, healthier ways which only serve to enhance your well-being and further development. Through doing so you also model for others on a lower energetic level that change is possible, highly desirable and nourishing.

© Angela Dunning, 24 January 2016

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