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Reclaiming our Lost Parts

28 March 2016

Our personal power can get lost during times of extreme stress or trauma, and so often this happens to us during the earliest days and years of our life.

It takes patient, diligent attention to notice when these lost parts may want to come Home.

To reclaim our lost power it is first necessary to want to welcome these lost pasts back. And then, to allow the lost parts to return, express their pain, and slowly reintegrate back into your conscious awareness and body.

Grief, rage, sadness, shivering, crying, body-shaking and other uncontrollable, involuntary physical movements may all take place during these times of return.

All that is required of us in these moments is to allow. To let these deformed, immature, hungry, maltreated and possibly animalistic parts find their release and their return.

Messages, images, words and other beings including animals, may come to us in our dreams or visions, meditations or creative activities - taking the chance of an open doorway into our awareness, when the usually cacophony of mental noise is temporarily quieted.

Often unrecognizable at first, we may have to just hold the image or words in our mind and keep gently revisiting them until they are ready to reveal what they represent to us, and what wants to happen.

What usually follows is a relief of immediate symptoms, but also longer-term struggle, so long as you take the time to gently welcome these parts back, speaking to them, playing, dancing or drawing them back into your Home.

Without such careful reclamation of all the splintered parts of ourselves, it makes it impossible to truly reclaim our power. Each part carries vital energy that is only unavailable once returned and integrated.

If for example, you have tons of creative ideas but lack the energy or confidence to actually make or offer your creative abilities to the world, it’s likely your positive masculine energy is missing or damaged/wounded in some fundamental way.

This is the case for many men and women as we are all children of the Patriarchy that ravages both the Feminine and the Positive Masculine. Often this energy has no option but to turn inwards and take the form of chronic anger, depression, anxiety, or other physical or mental health issues.

Enabling the quiet return of the parts which hold this lost energy is therefore first required so that healing can take place, and before you can fully and confidently follow your path, whatever that may be.

© Angela Dunning, 28 March 2016

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