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From Running to Feeling, or Surviving to Thriving.

12 April 2016

Key themes: Survival mode, highly sensitive person (HSP), energy, centred, grounded, emotional agility, stress, presence, mindfulness.

For many people, but especially for Highly Sensitive People, when we are in a high-energy, stress mode of operating, or surviving, we often make rash decisions and easily get pulled or knocked-off track.

We find ourselves running - running towards things, and running away from things; especially our feelings.

If we take a moment to pay attention to this level of energy - we notice that we are unconsciously operating like this all of the time. And this is not healthy. We avoid accessing the positive hormones and endorphines which get released through deep relaxation, mindfulness and being in our bodies. Over a period of time this can lead to ill-health, imbalance and a general loss of power and energy, as it is simply exhausting to be at this stress-level for too long.

In addition, when we are always running, we are inevitably never actually arriving: Arriving to the present moment of what actually is; arriving to ourselves - to our presence inside - our feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, intuitive insights, etc. As well as never really being present with the people or animals in our lives too. This is such a shame as it means we miss out on actually being here; right now. Instead, our eyes remain fixed on a goal always ahead. Always, always ahead and never right here.

Often we think if we change something physical in our lives - our home, our job, our relationship and so on, that all will suddenly fall into balance and the stress will disappear. It won’t. As the adrenaline we generate from within us affects all that we try to do, and especially affects our decision-making ability and our relationships.

When we run from ourselves and our feelings, we get off balance. We leave ourselves behind and abandon ourselves, over and over again. Our much neglected emotional self, cries out for our attention, yet we prefer to run away from its voices...

However, when we consciously change this energy and focus instead on our center - the very core of our being, we can slow this energy down. Literally becoming more centered.

Imagine, if you like, a central pole or column, running where your spine is, from the top of your head down into the ground. Imagine this pole as solid, stable, grounded and secure. Once this central pillar of your being is in place, it’s impossible to get swayed and tempted by outside options, or inner desires that aren’t in your best interests.

In my work alongside the horses, I help women find that central pillar within themselves and strengthen it, a little at a time. Connecting to it with their breath, their attention and their intention, they learn to move through life from this centered, calmer place. Where balance already exists and is possible, regardless of what maelstroms arise in the outside world.

We also consciously start to listen to our emotions, and gently create the space for them to be felt, received and heard. When we get their message, they gently dissipate and our body relaxes: We are back home once again.

We find that staying put with ourselves is actually far more satisfying than running. We see ourselves, our present situation, our environment and those in our lives - human and animal, with fresh eyes of appreciation and gratitude.

Our energy then also changes. From the rush of running, to a slower, calmer flow of release and an ability to remain present.

Then it is possible to find your unique track (your Soul's purpose or Dharma path) and stay on it. Not that the temptations or disruptions won’t still come along as they will, but little by little, finding it easier to resist those that don’t serve your higher purpose, or your very best level of self-care.

Just as when we offer to lead a horse, we keep focused on our purpose, keep breathing and remind ourselves that we can do it, and the horse follows. The horses love being with us when we are in this calmer state. They find our stress and rushing highly unsettling and if they can move away, they will or they will create difficulties and further stress in our handling of them.

So it is with life. When we come from a centered place life flows much more effortlessly and instead offers us new directions we perhaps have never even dreamt of.

© Angela Dunning, 12 April 2016

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